What was That Note?

How Perfect is your Pitch?

What Note was That?
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This community is for the discussion of the phenomenon known as perfect, or absolute pitch. Any discussion is relevant provided it is on-topic. Feel free to debate, talk about your experiences, or ask questions. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
And you certainly do not need to have Perfect or Relative pitch to join! Anyone is welcome to discuss, tell about musical experiences, or just kick back and listen!

The Rules:

  1. Play nice. No personal attacks here!

  2. Debate and disagreement is welcome provided you express your views respectfully. This is a family-oriented community.

  3. Have fun!

When you join, please introduce yourself in your first post, and tell us about you, what instrument(s) you play, whether you have perfect or relative pitch, and anything else you want.

If you have any ideas for the community, let your mods know (see below).

Your moderators are

, who is the King Mod, the Top Dog, and whatever else you want to call him. He basically sits around and watches things happen, sleeps and gives orders. Well not really; he works hard, so be nice to him.

His adorable little slave is
, queen of promotion, discussion starting, run-on sentences, commenting and making friendships evolve here.

Feel free to come to either of them with questions, comments, or suggestions.

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Thanks for stopping by!