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Jul. 1st, 2009 @ 12:01 pm perfect pitch curiosity
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Date:July 6th, 2009 07:52 pm (UTC)

Quite something, hu

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I guess you scored better thusfar on your questions, though I'll post another after this one ;)

My tonal memory is pretty good and hereby announce not to have perfect pitch, but if I too may answer your questions...

1) Is it easier for you to recognize pitches on your own instrument kind than on others? Do you feel like you had to sort of learn the pitches on others instrument?

Not perse on my own instrument, which are a Casio CTK-631 and Hohner CX12 Harmonica.
I have no understanding how it works but some timbres I can get by ear, but mostly not.

Because of this I would not know if I got any better, but when I cannot get the tones by ear I use my tonal memory to analyse the absolute information of each tone. This means to hear the tone and mentally play it back and thus know what the tone was/is.

2) (linked to 1) Do you think the color of pitch is independant of intrument or dependent on timbre. Therefore do you perceive the tones on different intruments differently ? Do you think the of the individual pitch qualities as a refined timbre perception: timbre allow us to distinguish between different intrument sources whereas pitch color allow us to distinguish between the different pitch sources produced by an instrument?

The color of pitch by ear is probably dependant on timbre, I suppose, but not when drawing from tonal memory. Though it does seem easier when imagined in a familiar timbre.

Probably, as mentioned, I feel that it is more like a refined timbre perception, when done by ear.

3) When you hear a chord. Do you hear it as a whole or do you hear it as several pitches played simultaneously. If you hear both do you hear the individual pitches before?

At the moment I am working with random 4 tone chords in square wave timbre where I need to identify each tone absolutely. I find it yet pretty tough to do though. The more I easily recognize the tones, the more it seems as if I am indeed hearing "several pitches being played simultaneously" instead of it being a "chord". (Do we actually realize how silly it is since there is actually no difference in us naming it "chord" or "pitches played simultaneously"?)

Anyway, it rarely happens for me to instantly realize all absolute value's of each tone within the chords. I wonder if it ever did, though I do have these moments with 3 tone chords ;)

Usually it just sounds like a mess (chord perhaps ;), untill I start to identify each tone within it.

"If you hear both do you hear the individual pitches before?"

Well, when the recognition of the tones is instant...Guess
Usually, in my case, first the chord.

4) When you hear a chord progression, do you hear in a harmonic way (a succession of tones played in harmony) or as different lines of notes being played in parallel (like hearing the bass line, soprano lines and alto lines evolving simultaneously) ?

Same thing here, it all has to do with either instant recognition or having to draw from tonal memory.

Take care,